MobiQpons 1.11

Mobile coupons that help save you money on the go


  • Sorts by location
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Allows you to search in multiple cities
  • Sort alphabetically or by coupon category


  • Some locations have very few coupons available
  • No easily viewable information about how to redeem coupons

Not bad

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Browser Apps > General.

MobiQpons is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that uses your current location to bring you coupons to stores closest to you.

If you have an internet connection, MobiQpons will use it to sort coupons within about a 10 mile radius. You also have the option of manually adding your location, either by city or zip code. Sorting by the coupon's product category is also a useful option.

Most coupons have due dates in small print at the bottom so you know how long the deal is good for. Unfortunately, MobiQpons does not explain how to redeem the coupon anywhere that is easily viewable on the app. Unlike other apps of this kind, there is no bar code anywhere on the MobiQpons interface. Perhaps it can be assumed that business owners will honor coupons you print out or show to them on your mobile device. When other apps offer multiple ways to redeem deals however, this really puts MobiQpons at a disadvantage.

Another problem comes into play if you happen to live in mid-sized or smaller cities. While MobiQpons seems to have a myriad of coupons available in larger markets, your options might be limited if you're in a smaller locale.

Overall, MobiQpons is a good way to save while on the go, if you can determine how to redeem the coupons.

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MobiQpons 1.11

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